Specialty Treatments

  • Integrates physical therapy expertise with evidence-based exercises.
  • Services available for rehab from injury, increased efficiency and endurance, and injury prevention.
  • Offers complete evaluation and video-taped gait analysis for running technique improvement.
  • Price: Initial Visit (60-Minutes) $130, Follow-Up Visit (30-Minutes) $80.
  • For more info visit the Runner's Clinic
  • Suitable for all experience levels.
  • Services covered by insurance if injury-related.
  • Offers complete evaluation, video recorded swing analysis, and education on movement patterns.
  • Focus on reducing risk of repetitive motion injuries and improving golf performance.
  • For more info visit the Golf Clinic

Features videos related to pickleball.

For more info visit the Racquet Sports Clinic

  • Offers Pilates equipment for rehabilitation and progression to home mat exercises.
  • Key principles include controlled breathing, centering, control & coordination, precision movement, relaxation & alignment, motivation & visualization.
  • See Pilates for more info
  • Certified personal trainers provide one-on-one sessions focusing on strength, flexibility, and cardio training.
  • Incorporates Pilates mat, Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, TRX, and barre.
  • Price: Private session $60, 10 Private Sessions $570, Private 1/2 Session $45, 10 1/2 sessions $420.
  • Offers Pilates Fundamentals focusing on mindful movement and breath.
  • Utilizes TRX for total body resistance exercise and barre for flexibility and posture improvement.
  • Personal trainers available: Julie in Eau Claire & Peggy in Rice Lake.
  • For more info see Personal Training

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